About us & Why us


Shaping the future by empowering youth today.


To create future leaders by providing resources.

About Us 

GyanDaan, an extended branch of Friends Union for Energising Lives (FUEL) stems from the understanding that the youth today are the most valuable asset of India. The organization aims to fuel the dreams of deserving young students to complete their education and eventually fulfil their ambitions. 

FUEL is a non-profit organisation which has its origins in Pune, was initiated in 2006 and emerged from the idea of providing students with access to information and opportunities.

Here’s a look at some of the projects/programs undertaken by FUEL:

1. EduConnect
An initiative to spread education awareness among students, in partnership with and by using the ground network of corporates. The initiative covers all students of Class 7 to Class 12 from all schools in the district by providing them with knowledge of all opportunities they can pursue in their educational and professional lives. Trained Staff of FUEL visit all schools in the constituency and guide students on various opportunities available to them.

 2. Nurture Merit Scholarship 
Scholarship is provided to the post 10th meritorious students for fees, books and 4 days training camp. This scholarship is continued for 3 years (11th, 12th & first year) after which students are connected to bank for education loan at low interest rates

 3. Ahead of Times Program
An unique personality development programme which provides training to students. Students are trained in communication skills, verbal ability, resume writing, teamwork, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, leadership skills etc. Renowned industry experts and consultants train our students. 

4. Skilling
FUEL runs skilling centers wherein youth are skilled, assessed & certified through NSDC and placed in various skill sectors. 

Why Us

At GyanDaan, we believe that genius is equally distributed but opportunity is not. 

Our students are the most deserving not only because of their hard work and vigour but also because of their consistent dedication and commitment. 

With every student that you fund, you not only fuel the dreams of one but so many more in the community. You would help us ignite hope for a better tomorrow. 

All funds collected are disbursed to the beneficiary via direct bank transfer or kind depending on what’s the requirement by the student. We also ensure to keep following up on all our beneficiaries and ensure that they are on the right track. 
We send out regular updates via newsletters to keep you in the loop.